Sometimes I write fiction: "Yesterday and All the Days After That" is out today in The Los Angeles Review. 

Read it here.


I have a new non-fiction story (-ish?) published in the latest issue of Filling Station. Thank you, Canada, for getting it. 

Not to mention, it's a total honor to be among this select group of writers in this issue:

Grab a copy here.

Gave mad thanks to The Porch Writer's Collective today in support of #BigPayback! Their writing workshops have been instrumental in my world. Most recently, they helped me develop and shape my essay in The Bitter Southerner, "Good Luck, Morons"

My love for this place and its kind, supportive, saintly instructors is infinite. Read the full interview I did with them here.

"The #BigPayback, an annual day of giving to Middle TN nonprofits, is coming up May 3. In a time when local funding of the arts is more crucial than ever, we hope to see lots of #Nashville love through donations of just $10 or more. Please consider giving what you can on May 3!
PEOPLE make The Porch great--so to get amped for The Big Payback, we're celebrating some of our #porchtnpeople. Today, we're featuring writer Sara Estes. Here's a sneak peek:
Best/Worst thing that's ever happened to you on a porch?
I once caught a burglar crawling out the front window of my house while standing on the porch!
Finish this sentence: My favorite thing about the Porch is...
that in workshops, I never feel pressured. I can be as introverted or extroverted as I please and it's fine. In other words, it's a safe and encouraging environment in which to work, learn, and develop ideas. 
Also, it's always funny how, in the longer workshops, we students can initially be very shy about sharing our work, yet by the last class, there's this sense of freedom and we're spilling our guts out to each other on the page.
Read on for more #porchtnpeople!"

ArtFields 2017

I'm thrilled to be included on the judging panel for ArtFields 2017! So much great art, it'll be a such a hard yet exciting decision to contemplate. This article in SCNow gives the low down:

"More than 415 artists from 12 Southeastern states will have work on exhibit at ArtFields 2017, the fifth entry since the annual event’s start in 2013.

More than $100,000 will be up for grabs this year, and winners will be chosen by visitors’ input and a panel of judges.

This year’s review panel includes:

Cora Fisher—Curator of Contemporary Art, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art; Lauren Haynes – Curator of Contemporary Art, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; Sarah Higgins – Curator at Zukerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University; Katherine Jentleson – Merrie and Dan Boone Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art, High Museum of Art; and Miranda Lash – Curator of Contemporary Art at the Speed Art Museum.

This year’s juried panel includes:

Sara Estes – Fine Arts Journalist; Tosha Grantham – Curator of Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville; Angela Mack – Executive Director and Chief Curator for Gibbes Museum of Art; Karen Patterson – Curator at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center; and Marshall N. Price – Nancy Hanks Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University."



Audio story by Audm

Audm just released an audio version of "Good Luck, Morons" for all you people who don't have the time or attention span to read a long-form essay, or perhaps you just prefer to have the soothing sounds of a well-spoken human being in your headphones.

Story written by me. Narrated by the awesome (British!) Simon Vance. Originally appeared in The Bitter Southerner.

Here's an excerpt, the full version is available through the Audm app. (@audmapp)

Just published: When Nothing Just Means Nothing

This week I reviewed Harmony Korine's new painting exhibition, Shadows and Loops, at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. I had a whole lot to say his work, but more importantly, the talk he had with curator Mark Scala after the show opened. Read it all on



Forthcoming: Filling Station!

Endlessly excited to announce that I have a forthcoming piece in Filling Stationone of the coolest art and literary magazines in Canada. I absolutely love what they're doing. They'll be publishing a work of mine that has been 12 years in the making and I couldn't be more jazzed!

If you're curious about the zine, snag a copy of their last issue right here: 

Writer's Choice Awards!

I was so thrilled to dole out a couple of Writer's Choice awards for the 2016 Best of Nashville edition of theThe Nashville Scene!


For "Best New Poetry Book", I chose Kendra DeColo's My Dinner With Ron Jeremy. 

"One of this year’s most exciting and unexpected local collaborations came from Third Man Records and Nashville-based poet Kendra DeColo. Published through the label’s Third Man Books, DeColo’s second collection of poetry, My Dinner With Ron Jeremy, came out of the gate swinging. With lines like, “We are just pre-ejaculate glittering / on god’s ornate tip” and titles like “Donald Trump Rides the Escalator of My Erotic Dreams” and “When You’re Fifteen and the Hospital Pharmacist Hits on You While Filling Your Prescription for Plan B,” you can imagine why readers are walking away with their hearts in their hands and their jaws on the floor."

For "Best Reading By A Nashville Poet", I chose Tiana Clark at Scarritt-Bennett Center.

"Vanderbilt MFA-er and heart-stopping wordsmith Tiana Clark has blown the roofs off of Nashville’s bookstores, house shows, coffee shops — and most recently the Scarritt-Bennett Center, where she got a standing ovation. I hate to say “you had to be there,” but when it comes to Clark’s poetry readings, it’s true: Her vulnerability, fearlessness and charisma onstage are something you just have to experience for yourself. Reading Clark’s poetry is powerful, to be sure, but listening to her read it is positively transformative. Clark — who published her first poetry collection, Equilibrium, this summer — is a writer to watch. Don’t miss her next reading at the Southern Festival of Books."

What a blast to be able to acknowledge two of my favorite local writers!

New BQ column posted!

Hey guys!

I hope you'll check out my latest "Burning Questions" column for Burnaway. Just went up today!

Burning Questions: How Can I Promote My Exhibition?

Burning Questions: How Can I Promote My Exhibition?

And if you missed my last column, you can read it here:

Burning Questions: Should I Still Submit Artwork on a CD?

Burning Questions: Should I Still Submit Artwork on a CD?



A few recent things...

I've been quietly working on numerous big projects this fall, most of which won't come to fruition until late 2016 or early 2017. It's always strange to work on long-form writing projects because they seem to take forever, but when you look back, a year or 6 months really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. Anyhow, here are a few recent things I've published, to remind myself that a lot is happening, even if sometimes it doesn't feel that way. 

1.  This story on the incredible new Grooms donation to the Tennessee State Museum. 

3. And here I wax poetic about a new group show at Haynes Galleries. 

Interview with Mae Aur

I got to interview my art crush, Mae Aur, for Number. Pretty happy about it.

Best part was when I asked her if she could have any artwork in the world for free, what would it be?

"Probably something dumb expensive by a dead French dude. I’d immediately sell it, take that $300 million+, and buy myself a pink ’67 Chevy Nova with cream interior. Might as well buy and renovate Prince Mongo’s."

Read the full thing here. | Cover Artist Interview with Mae Aur | Cover Artist Interview with Mae Aur

Choosing favorites in Nashville Arts

Nashville Arts Magazine asked me to write about my favorite painting in the new issue, but I chose my favorite photograph instead because I just really needed to geek out about my never-ending love for William Eggleston, Alex Chilton, and creepy old dolls. The editor kindly obliged, and even took a photograph of me looking like a bona fide professional!

You can read the full article here.



Dr. Doctor brings you Band of Poets Vol II

Check out last week's Band of Poets, hosted by the inimitable Rita Bullwinkel on the wonderful local literary podcast Dr. Doctor, hosted by Luke Wiget and Sam Farahmand.

Readings by Simon Han, Liv Stratman, Jesse Bertrand, and myself!

And on the tail end the doctors talk turkey on all things Jerry Rice, John Berryman and The Dream Songs, Rainer Maria Rilke and Letters to a Young Poet, Karl Marx, and much more!

Click here to listen to the episode!