The Los Angeles Review

                    Yesterday and All the Days After That

The Bitter Southerner

Good Luck, Morons: Lazarus Lake and His Impossible Race
The Persistence of Vinyl

Oxford American

100 under 100: the New Superstars of Art, as selected by their peers

          Required Reading


A Hush in the Hustle: Doug Wheeler at the Guggenheim
Book Review: Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art
Loaded Symbols and Artistic Responsibility
Permanent Residents: Jenny Holzer at Cheekwood
What are some good art documentaries?
How can I stop procrastinating?
On Originality
On the Art-Life and Work-Life Balance
On Craftsmanship
Practice Makes Perfect
The Many Ways of Vinyl: Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew Lewis
Review: The Medium's Session at Zeitgeist Gallery


          The Unseen World: A Father's Legacy & Secrets in the Information Age          

Empty Mirror

          Is Southern Art a Thing?: Thoughts from a Technically Southern Art Writer

Chapter 16

Between the Mystery and Wonder 

Filling Station

Ten-Year Gap: from my journals in 2004 and 2014

The Tennessean

TSM receives "most significant collection of contemporary art"
A Glimpse into Bhutan, the 'Forbidden Kingdom'
Frist delves into European art, past and present
Maplewood students, Pakistani artist deliberate on drones
Malick Sidibé's energetic B&W photos on display
Frist curator explores 'Phantom Bodies'
Vanderbilt professor shares 'Lost Art' of photography
Sherrick & Paul exhibit Vivian Maier photos
The Ghosts of Technology Past
Jaume Plensa’s larger-than-life ‘Human Landscape’
William Eggleston and daughter Andra launch textile line.
American Grit: Katy Grannan Revisits Dust Bowl


Interview with Mae Aur
Interview with Sara Estes, Guest Editor No:83
A Conversation with Harmony Korine

12th and Broad

David Lusk Gallery Rolls Out New Show
The Story Behind Hope in the Hills

Nashville Arts Magazine

My Favorite Painting
Julia Martin (cover story)
The Porch Writer's Collective
Ted Jones: Man of Faith

Nashville Scene

Review: Watch Me Move, Frist Animation Exhibit
Kitsch, Watkins, and the Tim Burton-Nashville Connection


Art of Work: Hyeon Jung Kim
Picturing Music: Kandinsky at the Frist
Art Versus Craft: Selvage at TSU





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"Welcome to Midnight", essay, published in the anthology What Does It Mean to Be White in America2Leaf Press (New York), 2016.

"The Story of Tyler Hildebrand", exhibition catalogue essay, Tyler Hildebrand: Grandma Whitey, published by David Lusk Gallery, 2015. 

"The Space Between", exhibition catalogue essay, Maysey Craddock: Strand,  published by David Lusk Gallery, 2014.

"A New Way of Seeing", exhibition catalogue essay, Mary Addison Hackett: Crazy Eyes, published by David Lusk Gallery, 2014.